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I am an artist, please feed my creditors.

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All right, here's the deal.

Writers have NaNoWriMo, a way to inspire them to write a certain amount in one month. It's stressful and hard to keep up with, sure, but it gets their creative juices flowing. We needed one for other kinds of creativity, though. For me, that's dance and visual arts. I can't figure out how to apply the guidelines to dance, so if you can, let me know.

But visual art is easier: one original work each day for an entire month. It can be just sketching, but it should be a finished piece of some sort, not just a doodle in the margins. It can also be, like the novel writing, one part of a larger whole, like a page for a book, a sleeve for a jacket, a square for a quilt--I'll let you set your own guidelines for what constitutes a finished part.

Then post a picture of it here, behind a cut. Or post the poetry you'd written. Or ask for help with breaking your creative block.

"The idea is to finish things, try out techniques. You submit a digital photo of it, and it goes up on a website for all to admire. And while working on it you could ask the list for suggestions, help, or just chatter about your muse." --paraphrasing leenah, who egged me on to start this.

We can do this at the same time as NaNoWriMo, since October's already started. So. Start thinking about what to do for November.

I call it Local Creating Art Month--LoCreArMo.

-This is a place for artistic support. Criticism should be constructive, not simply trashing the artist. Play nice.
-If it's not work safe imagery, warn us before we click on the cut tag.
-No drama. I don't know why I need to say that, but we are all highly-caffeinated creative types, and most of those I know like that tend toward being dramatic.