Cheshire Kitty (tisana) wrote in locrearmo,
Cheshire Kitty

Books on Creativity

I've been bad. Terrible, in fact. I was productive, but not artistic at all since last weekend. It's been days since I made something. I think the problem lies in thinking of art as playtime instead of something I need to be disciplined about...therefore, organizing my home takes priority over practicing creativity.

In an effort to shake up my attitudes about it somewhat, I've taken an interest in books about creativity, and have lately been reading Sweat Your Prayers, which is good.
Some others on my shelf or on my wish list:

The Artist's Way

Women, Creativity and the Arts

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Drawing on the Artist Within

Undressed Art: Why We Draw

Anybody have any other suggestions or comments on the books?
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