heinleinfan (heinleinfan) wrote in locrearmo,

Blegh and double blegh

So. I started out today thinking I'd finish up three more scarves, for a total of 11 and make some more cuts of some new fabric and maybe do some beadwork.
Here's how the day actually went:

I started sewing. I broke the thread three times. I kept adjusting tension, finally found a stitch/tension that worked with the fabric. I thought. I broke a needle.

New needle, sewing again. Broke a needle.

Decided to break from that, and cut the new scarves. Come back to find that a whole pile of nice folded ready to sew pieces had become my littlest cat's new FUCKING PEE PILE. I washed every piece of fabric. Twice. By hand. Who knows if they'll be salvageable. Maybe, since I got them right after it happened. I doubt it. Even if I managed to actually clean them, I think I'd just feel *wrong* trying to sell something that my cat had peed on.

Started sewing again. Managed to somehow completely fubar a seam. Take it out. Stab myself in the thumb with my seam ripper while I was at it. Realize the material for the lining was too fragile for that, lining ruined, gotta take the whole thing apart and get a new lining.

Start sewing a different scarf. Break a needle.

Give it the fuck up for the night and go read a book instead.

And tomorrow was supposed to be the day I take them to sell. I mean, I suppose I still can, I have seven, and three others done but for the sewing up of the hole, so I could *show* him those. But I wanted more complete scarves.

I'm surprised I didn't kill my cat, really. Damn little fucker runs fast when she wants to.
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